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Each module contains the trainers guide, PPT slides to be used during the facilitation of sessions, content of the training modules, Instructions for all the exercises and activities by module, pre and post questionnaires, illustrative videos, additional support materials for leadership mentoring and references.

Each module outlines enabling objectives that participants must meet in order to accomplish the specific learning objectives described in the overall course syllabus. For each enabling objective, there are suggestions regarding appropriate learning activities, resources and materials needed in the facilitator guide and simulation guides. The facilitator may develop additional practice activities, case studies, role plays or other learning exercises specific to the learning content.

The guide also outlines the approximate amount of time to be devoted to each learning activity, training/Learning Methods.
Resources/Materials including illustrative videos, PPT slides, infographics and other references to support the learning activities are included.

The main strategies used to attain the learning outcomes will be a mix of practical exercises including scenario-based simulation on mannequins, video-documented role play and group discussions. Short presentations and educational videos will provide theoretical background and guidance. Video-assisted feedback and reflective sessions will be applied to foster experiential reflective learning.